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Our Mission About us

It is important to us that either a long tiring journey or a short trip to have a safety, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and so all the common events to remain a nice and joyful experience. Consequently we aspire to fulfill our duty – qualitative services with reliable, meticulous attitude.

The continuous progress and development make us possible to have saftier and more modern buses which are available for any kind of trips.

As a result of continuous improvement we have a competitive transportation vehicle park for different size buses with different comfort levels.

Our passenger services correspond to the international standards.

Our drivers have many years of professional and international experience.

For more information, details, offers please contact our coordinator at phone or at email. We look forward to your attendance.

Our Mission Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how can I buy a ticket?

You can buy tickets at the ticket office at the bus station in Szekelyudvarhely,
at Nepliget in Budapest or directly at the bus if you book by phone at least 24 hours before leaving.

What should I do if I want to buy an open return ticket?

It is enough to call us 24 hours before your return journey
by phoning the numbers from your ticket.

How long is a ticket valid for if I miss the booked departure and in the case of open ticket?

In both cases the tickets are valid for 3 months from the date of buying.

Where is the place of departure and arrival?

Buses depart from the bus station Szekelyudvarhely and arrive at Nepliget in Budapest,
at Mars Square in Szeged and at bus station Kecskemet.

What time do the buses depart from Szekelyudvarhely and from Budapest?

Buses depart from Szekelyudvarhely at 18:00 every day, from Budapest at 19:00 (Hungarian time zone), from Kecskemet at 17:00, from Szeged at 20:00, from Szekelyudvarhely to Szeged at 17:00.

How many hours before the departure time should I get to the station?

Please arrive at the bus station at least 30 minutes before departure.

Why does it worth to travel with us or rent bus from our company?


  • We are accurate and reliable
  • Our buses are in top condition by carrying out the pertinent reviews and the periodic control of the buses
  • Our bus services are air conditioned and fitted to the highest standards of comfort
  • Our buses are always clean, civilized and we give importance to hygiene
  • Our buses are safety, we take with the maximum seriousness the security of our passengers