Levélküldés sikeres

Customers’ Opinions

“It was an amazing feeling the pilgrimage to Medjugorje.”
R. L.

Bus Rentals

Special coach for groups

“The world is full of beautiful and amazing places, cities, sights.
We believe that life is like a book and who doesn’t travel is someone who reads only the first page.”

If you already know how many passengers, where and when want to travel, please contact us now, because thanks to the increasing demand, our buses are quickly hired for the summer months.

Our drivers know very well the national and international routes, the tourist attractions, the larger towns. If you have any personal Wish Route please contact us boldly.

We fit in with your conception like you would be driving; only the wheel is in our drivers’ hands and we stop where you wish for as much time as you need.

Special coach for groups

Bus hire, passenger service inland and abroad with comfortable buses from 18 to 56 passengers.

We have safety and modern buses, if you want to hire for:

  • Passenger transport inland and abroad
  • Contractual services (employees transport)
  • Travelling of groups of companies
  • Travelling of groups  of schools and kindergartens
  • Summer holidays and ski holidays
  • Transport of passengers of a wedding and other events
  • Travelling of groups  of local authorities and sport clubs
  • Transport of participants of exhibitions, festivals, congresses
  • Transport of participants of workshops and trainings

For more information, details, offers please contact our coordinator at phone or at email. We look forward to your attendance.