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Customers’ Opinions

“I had the opportunity to travel with drivers who behaved not only as simply drivers but they gave us correct information and they guided us through our trips.”
V. M.

Passenger Transport

It is important to us that either a long tiring journey or a short trip to have a safety, comfortable, relaxing atmosphere and so all the common events to remain a nice and joyful experience. Consequently we aspire to fulfill our duty – qualitative services with reliable, meticulous attitude.

The continuous progress and development make us possible to have saftier and more modern buses which are available for any kind of trips.

As a result of continuous improvement we have a competitive transportation vehicle park for different size buses with different comfort levels.

Our passenger services correspond to the international standards.

Our drivers have many years of professional and international experience.


For more information, details, offers please contact our coordinator at phone or at email. We look forward to your attendance.